Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Vigilant Crusader rebukes Pastor Terry Jones

Lansing and Beyond's spiritual adviser, Reverend Willie Joe Clayton, is back at the pulpit of the Shrine of the Crumbling Paradigm. In this replay of his Good Friday 2011 message, Reverend Clayton has a message of truth for all of humanity regarding Florida's Koran-burning "deceiver," Pastor Terry Jones.

While we do not agree with Pastor Jones or his message, we believe that he should be able to say what he wants and, quite frankly, burn all the Korans he can get his hands on. Because the right to be a religious carnival barker is protected under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

He just can't incite a riot in Dearborn, Michigan while doing so.

That seems reasonable, doesn't it?

The sources for Reverend Clayton's message are below the video.

Warning: Reverend Clayton uses colorful language in his sermons, so please don't listen to this at work.

Was Jimi Hendrix the Spawn of Satan?

From the Shrine of the Crumbling Paradigm, The Vigilant Crusader, Reverend Willie Joe Clayton, brings you a message of hope, truth and love. In this episode, Reverend Clayton settles the issue of the true origins of James Marshall Hendrix, as well as exposing a Lady 'musician' who is currently polluting the earth with her "Ga Ga".

Legalizing marijuana would be a threat to our children?

So under Michigan's new GOP leadership, our state government is supposed to shrink? Right?

I guess Grand Ledge Senator, and former Eaton County Sheriff, Rick Jones, didn't get the memo according to today's Lansing State Journal.
A state bill placing medical marijuana patients and caregivers in a statewide police database would be a setback for the 2-year-old medical marijuana law, advocates say.

Despite objections from medical marijuana advocates, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday forwarded that bill - and another bill restricting medical marijuana-related lawsuits against municipalities - to the full Senate for consideration.

A law enforcement database for medical marijuana? Why? Does Michigan law enforcement have a database for alcohol users? Valium users? Viagra users?

This morning in an interview with 1320 WILS host Tony Conley, Conley asked Jones why the state just doesn't legalize marijuana.

Jones response was to say that legalization of drugs would be a threat to our children:
Conley: "Rick why don't we just end all of this. make some money on it for the state and just legalize it?"

Jones: "Well I think there are a lot of problems with legalizing marijuana. Once that gets into the schools, uhh, of course the next step is, 'Well this isn't very exciting, so let's go try cocaine, or methamphetamine, or the new bath salt drug?' Uhh . . . those are very dangerous, very deadly and we certainly don't want to see people transitioning to something worse."

Once "that" gets into the school?

I hate to break it to you Senator, but marijuana has been in the schools for a long time. Hell, I have been out of high school for over 20 years and pot was easier to get than a blowjob back then.

And while I never took a formal survey among my peers, I'm sure than blowjobs would have defeated pot in a landslide had a vote been taken.

There are a lot of problems with our public schools, but pot isn't and never has been one of them.

But I digress. The War on Drugs has always been a joke. A violent, bloody, money wasting, power grabbing, liberty smashing, life destroying joke.

And the only thing that's a bigger joke than the war itself, is the tired old propaganda that drugs are dangerous and must be outlawed to save our children.

So lets laugh at this joke of a war, learn a little about why it is not supposed to be won and why should be stopped?

Wake the Herd episode one - The War on Drugs

If Dick's Armey is leading your Tea Party . . . You are getting screwed.

As I have said before to my conservative friends, if your Tea Party is being led by Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck or Dick FreedomWorks Armey, you are getting screwed.

And it's not the fun kind of screw either. It's the kind that gives you burning urine, puss-oozing sores and a lower sense of self-esteem.

Well, according to an article from yesterday's Michigan Messenger, it seems that FreedomWorks is sliding closer to another long-time divide-and-conquer establishment front group:
The Institute for Research and Education and Human Rights has a report on the Tea Party group FreedomWorks, led by Dick Armey, and their increasing association with the John Birch Society.

I remember a number of years ago, when I was starting to become politically aware, I sent for a free packet from the John Birch Society to find out more about their organization. When I received the information I quickly got the message of their mission:
To bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.

As far as I'm concerned, God and politics are like oil and water . . . fire and gasoline . . . the Detroit Lions and success. Neither should be mixed together for very long or the entire time-space continuum could be compromised.

While the Birchers are most famous for their efforts to combat Communism in all it's forms, I don't think replacing Pinko Commies with the jackboot march of Fascists is a good thing either. Because, as Sinclair Lewis warned in his 1935 book, It Can't Happen Here:
“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

I don't know about the rest of you, but for me, some days it sure seems like it has already happened here. . . .

Obama down with the people . . . up with the elite

Bloomberg recently reported that potential Presidential voters are unlikely to vote for the incumbent next year.
Only 30 percent of respondents said they are certain to vote for the president and 36 percent said they definitely won’t. Among likely independent voters, only 23 percent said they will back his re-election, while 36 percent said they definitely will look for another candidate.

Don't worry Obamabots, just like Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes before him, Barack Obama is a globalist bootlicker and will be reelected - not because he is going to do anything for you - but because he is doing everything that the globalist elite wants him to do as the following 2008 documentary, entitled The Obama Deception, illustrates.


The system is rigged . . . and to the loyalist bootlicker goes the spoils. Obama will get reelected because he is the perfect company man.


John Pollard is always an interesting listen . . .

Lansingites who follow the local political scene know who John Pollard is . . . and love him or hate him, he is always an interesting listen. This morning's appearance on WILS' Tony Conley Morning Show is no exception.

Pollard on the TCMS

Is a U.S. attack on Syria in the works?

Wake the HerdAs we have been saying for over a month, World War III Preseason Action is getting tense. A new development in that story is explained by researcher and historian Webster G. Tarpley, in a essay from yesterday as well as an appearance on the Alex Jones' radio show.

US Naval and Troop Movements Toward North Africa, Middle East Reported As Syrian Destabilization Escalates

Click to listen to Tarpley's Wednesday (6-15) interview on the Alex Jones Show

If a Syria attack occurs, you will be able to count at least eight wars that the U.S. will be waging . . . the current and potential enemies are:

1. Iraq

2. Afghanstan

3. Pakistan

4. Libya

5. Yemen

6. Syria

7. Iran

8. Hezbollah

NOTE: With eight potential wars resulting from a Syria attack, you are getting very close to pushing Russia and/or China into the fold. China has already warned the United States that an "any attack on Pakistan is construed as an attack on China."

Couple that with Russia warning the U.S. to keep their hands off Syria and saying that the U.S. naval buildup in the Black Sea and their possible smuggling of arms to Georgia may lead to war.

So it is clear that if the U.S. - or Israel - attacks Syria . . . all bets are off as humanity is back in the Cuban Missile Crisis zone with every nuclear power in the NATO alliance, as well as China, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and Israel ready and able to radiate the globe.

And remember, as I wrote nearly two years ago, the only winners in World Wars are the bankers who finance them.

UPDATES: Here is the latest info from this afternoon: