Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is a U.S. attack on Syria in the works?

Wake the HerdAs we have been saying for over a month, World War III Preseason Action is getting tense. A new development in that story is explained by researcher and historian Webster G. Tarpley, in a essay from yesterday as well as an appearance on the Alex Jones' radio show.

US Naval and Troop Movements Toward North Africa, Middle East Reported As Syrian Destabilization Escalates

Click to listen to Tarpley's Wednesday (6-15) interview on the Alex Jones Show

If a Syria attack occurs, you will be able to count at least eight wars that the U.S. will be waging . . . the current and potential enemies are:

1. Iraq

2. Afghanstan

3. Pakistan

4. Libya

5. Yemen

6. Syria

7. Iran

8. Hezbollah

NOTE: With eight potential wars resulting from a Syria attack, you are getting very close to pushing Russia and/or China into the fold. China has already warned the United States that an "any attack on Pakistan is construed as an attack on China."

Couple that with Russia warning the U.S. to keep their hands off Syria and saying that the U.S. naval buildup in the Black Sea and their possible smuggling of arms to Georgia may lead to war.

So it is clear that if the U.S. - or Israel - attacks Syria . . . all bets are off as humanity is back in the Cuban Missile Crisis zone with every nuclear power in the NATO alliance, as well as China, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and Israel ready and able to radiate the globe.

And remember, as I wrote nearly two years ago, the only winners in World Wars are the bankers who finance them.

UPDATES: Here is the latest info from this afternoon:

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