Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It’s Now Clear – Rick Snyder is One Tough Fascist

As much as I hoped it wouldn't be the case last November. It appears that Governor Rick Snyder is nothing more than a velvet-gloved austerity whore hell bent on engineering an IMF-style economic dismantling of Michigan's government and economy. It's time for true liberals and conservatives to wake up and unite against the systematic destruction of Michigan's economy, Constitution and rule of law.

Rick Snyder is not a Republican. He is not a nerd. . . . He is a fascist. And if his plan is implemented, the merging of corporate and state power - the essence of Mussolini-style fascism - will be complete. And no Michigander will be immune from the onslaught.

No law should ever be immune from voter repeal. And when a government crosses the line where an emergency manager can unilaterally eliminate collective bargaining, binding arbitration and other legally negotiated and voted upon legislation and regulations, that government crosses the line from democracy into despotism. The Snyder plan could potentially do all of the above if enacted.

If you want to know what the goal really is behind our state and federal government leaders claims that 'the money has run out' - as well as learn real solutions to end these manufactured crises once and for all - you need to read the following articles by Ellen Hodgson Brown, whose Web of Debt website and various books and economic analysis have been hailed by everyone from Thom Hartman to Alex Jones.

I addition I urge all of you to read and listen to the analysis and solutions of Webster Griffin Tarpley, who has been far ahead of the curve in analyzing global unrest and offering real political and economic solutions to counter today's globalist austerity madness.

Finally, if you don't have the time for all of the above. I urge you to take the time and watch and share The Secret of Oz by Bill Still.

It is the most informative, and entertaining look at who really controls the broken American monetary system - and how to fix it - that I have ever seen.

Now is not the time for Michiganders, or Americans for that matter, to allow our politicians to divide and conquer our economic and political futures along liberal and conservative lines. The current legislation in Lansing, Wisconsin and elsewhere is straight out of the Economic Hitman playbook. A playbook that has left a trail of economic, political and social carnage throughout the third world.

We the People of Michigan cannot allow that same program to be unleashed on us just as we are beginning to climb out of the state's worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

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