Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Silence Has Become Betrayal – Ending America’s Drug and Terror Wars

Ever wonder why the U.S. always seems to be on the losing end of the War on Drugs and War on Terror? Well, it because the game is rigged. America will never win because our own government's corruption and criminal activity ensures that both wars will 'fail' in the traditional sense. While in reality, the criminals in our government, their buddies on Wall Street and the in greater New World Order bloody profits from the very terrorism, drug and gun trafficking they claim to be fighting.

And more importantly, both wars erode America's economic, political, social and moral fiber to its collective core.

More evidence of said corruption comes from a report today from the Center for Public Integrity.
Hoping to score a major prosecution of Mexican drug lords, federal prosecutors and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives permitted hundreds of guns to be purchased and retained by suspected straw buyers with the expectation they might cross the border and even be used in crimes while the case was being built, according to documents and interviews.

The decision — part of a Phoenix-based operation code named “Fast and Furious” — was met by strong objections from some front-line agents who feared they were allowing weapons like AK-47s to “walk” into the hands of drug lords and gun runners, internal agency memos show. Indeed, scores of the weapons came back quickly traced to criminal activity.

The evidence is clear. The U.S. War on Drugs is not supposed to be won. And neither is its bastard cousin, the U.S.-led War on Terror.

It is high time that - in this time of massive tax increases, attacks on public and private pensions, social safety nets, basic infrastructure funding, and household budgets - that We the People stand up and demand an end to the two wars that are doing nothing but destroying our futures by plunging the United States into Austerity Hell.

On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “there comes a time when silence is betrayal.” Dr. King was at the time talking about the injustice of the Vietnam War. Forty-three years later, the time has come for all Americans of conscience to put an end to the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

Anyone who is honest with themselves will admit that a large majority of violence in our society will not end, until the War on Drugs is brought to a close. Just as alcohol prohibition was a failure in the 1920s, the forty-plus year War on Drugs has been a failure too.

In addition, it is clear that the War on Terror has been corrupted and co-opted beyond repair. In April 30, 2010 report on Fox News Channel, we were told that the United States has to let the Afghan farmers grow and sell opium; otherwise they will turn against us and join al-Qaeda.

That, quite frankly, is fractured logic and an insult to history. How soon we forget the documented facts regarding the CIA’s cocaine trafficking in the 1980’s during Iran-Contra and their heroin trafficking in Indochina from World War Two up through the Vietnam War.

Over the last 50 years, when the United States’ government goes to war, their pals on Wall Street get their drug-running and money-laundering operations into high gear underneath the fog of war.

And the Wall Street and International Banking Cartel historically reaps billions in profits bankrolling the death and destruction.

America’s War on Drugs and the War on Terror have been nothing but a war on the American poor and middle class. While the drug war is used to destroy urban and rural American families through violence, addiction, imprisonment and the militarization of police forces; the War on Terror has been the tool our politicians in Washington have used to justify torture, warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens, and more recently, attempts to enact laws that could imprison citizens indefinitely without charges and strip them of their citizenship based on suspicion of terrorism alone.

As the cost of these wars continue to morally and financially bankrupt our nation at a level never before seen, it is clear that the United States is no longer the shining beacon on the hill. We have instead allowed our federal and state governments – and in turn ourselves – to become everything we should despise.

And it will be up to We the People – and those still uncorrupted in our local, county and state governments – to fix our nation.

The 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution are the state and local governments’ check and balance against overreaching federal power. For far too long, our local and state governments have neglected and often ignored those protections.

And as the unfunded mandates and budget deficits pile up at record levels across the nation, it is time for local, county and state officials to unite to break the federal government’s stranglehold on their citizens’ tax dollars and liberties.

Our economic and social problems in our nation will not be solved – and United States will not become the nation that was envisioned for us through the Declaration of Independence and Constitution – until these fraudulent, failing and bankrupting wars are brought to an end.

The time for our government officials to choose Main Street over Wall Street and the Military/Prison/Industrial Complex has arrived.

It is time for Americans everywhere to join together with the people of Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Romania and across the Middle East to lead a new worldwide revolution of liberty and freedom. It is time for the people of all nations to tell our political leaders – and the international banking cartel that controls them – that the time for political rhetoric, austerity smoke and mirrors and other quick fixes is over.

The citizens of the world see through your propaganda, your divide and conquer tactics and your lies. True liberty and freedom for all of humanity worldwide is coming soon. We are the great-grandchildren of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Harriet Tubman, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and Frederick Douglas. We are the children of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Mohandas Gandhi and Malcolm X. We are the brothers and sisters of KRS-One, Catherine Austin Fitts, Subcommandante Marcos, Webster Tarpley, Sibel Edmonds, Jesse Ventura and Naomi Wolf.

We have embraced the warnings of President Eisenhower and General Smedley Butler. The Wars of the Military/Prison/Industrial Complex are a racket – and they must end. The international central banking cartel that bankrolls past and future wars must be brought to its knees.

And those who seek to use military and economic warfare against humanity to strip us of our natural born rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be brought to justice.

This is an exciting time to be alive. And 43-years is a long enough wait for the citizens of United States to unite against those in and out of government who peddle IMF Austerity and Constitutional gang rape as the answers to America's problems.

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